"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



propelling words down my arm into

hand & fingers   tricking brain   no i

will not write today   pick up pen  mid

swig   transcribe  copy   invent?


doesn’t pay the rent  last bookevent sold   24copies

6372+ words    dollars have not yet flowed in this

direction from the BIG BOXY BOOK STORE


that’s what you get for making your pact

mercenary poet  too addicted to filthy lucre

to stay with the indies on an orange crate?   while

the literati congregate at awards ceremonies


& 2 poets named anne vie for the $75,000 prize

i draw your attention to the slowness of writing

to those excruciating coagulations  of words

especially when there are no words to describe

your subject matter     only growls


today in my city  the lower 1/2 of an infant was

found in a park  the morning paper announced:

it is not a homicide at this point     would that i

were a painter  or sculptor  & my job would be done

with an economy of strokes   + the blow of a chisel




Summer   2014






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