"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



So who is the fatcat jazzman of them all?


King Louis!   of the gravely voice  black eyes

and a grin that would lift up  even the most soul-

less  of sinners   Most certainly slipped the answer

back in the Vieux Carré   when the cornet was his

ticket out of the Home for Coloured Waifs


There was never a face so full of grace + transcendence


O fickle is fame  pushed old Louis aside  when those badass

beboppers  were on the ascendance    Dash Away

Dash Away      King Louis A



*if Louis’:  T’was The Night Before Christmas does not bring a tear

to your eye & smile to your lip   you never did have a soul worth saving






Summertime   2014     for Satch  a dog the colour of Louis’ lips



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