"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



What makes human’s unique?   Preying

upon their own species?  Their pleasure

in getting inside each other’s brains  via:

bullets MRI’s romantic love   (what makes you tic Mr. Terrorist?)


Together this double specialty is said to be a

killer combo  equipping us to take over the Planet

Should you think world domination by one rogue species

a good thing I direct you to a deep reading of Mein Kampf


It is no secret that natural selection has sculpted

human genes  turning us into survival-machines

Except when the evolutionary toolkit produces PTSD

Oh the horror  the horror    croaked Colonel Kurtz


Why I have known 5 yr. olds who live in a trancelike

state   Torture  particularly in the early years  so difficult

to eradicate (ditto gestation in the womb of a tortured mother)

Sectioning the brains of 4 stillborn human fetuses has

proven this


Humans seem to drag around the remnants of

their incubating cocoon   Pre-natal environments

may adversely affect the rest of one’s life   Yet scientists

say that behaviour doesn’t leave fossils


We must hotly dispute this notion  see: bullet ridden bones

infant skeletons with multiple fractures  charred remains in mass

graves   Even a Neanderthal cousin turned up with an axe-split skull

And never forget that 42% of modern european DNA  is Neanderthal


Which brings us to the conclusion that  we must look at the characteristics

of each tree  before we may understand    the emerging forest



colonel Kurtz




Summer  2014


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