"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



distort contort tear-apart re-assemble

This  the work of aging it seems    and Dr. Frankenstein


“once I falsely hoped to meet the beings who, pardoning my

outward form, would love me for the excellent qualities which

I was capable of unfolding.”  (Mary Shelley’s  creature)


Only in dreams can you visit  your cavorting youth   Now Kevorkian

has designs on you   How is your re-assembly going?   A 90 yr. old

friend said:  It’s like waiting for a streetcar     Her re-assembly

progressing nicely  So far so good   Still walking  still thinking  (too much)


With dreams more vivid than life  which seems has increasing fog patches

Mist around the edges   We don’t know if our contortions are better than

the alternative  (millionaire snake-oil doctor overused this term) 

woman:  doctor  menopause is killing me

doctor:  it’s better than the alternative!


All of this at $75/15 minutes  but then he was a militant atheist+nihilist

who saw little purpose in human existence   (filthy bastard)   Wall to wall

women in his waiting room   waiting for the magic bullet  (rub it on your majora)

I dare you   On the way out he handed you his opus   full of quotes from great men

with his name on the cover   The alternative grew more appealing with each visit


Perhaps the re-assembly machine is moving me toward daffodils+sunshine   and

moving Dr. Snake-oil toward a purgatory where he has to write his own material

and wake up in: the alternative    as a menopausal woman





Summer  2014


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