"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



This week the light went ON at the end of the tunnel

Whereas in my last book it went OUT   * (pg.82)  

On Saturday I told a young doctor that I was at 1 on

the  Pessimism for Humanity Scale  until about 7 yrs.

ago  when miraculously I jumped to a 6    My husband

swooped in with a  scaling question   He said: So what

would it take to get you to 8?


Peace on Earth   the arrival of the Messiah (2nd coming for some)

& throttling the diner at the adjacent table (too funny  wise  +interesting)

Truthfully  the light began to flicker then  & as I flung the cold carpaccio

in his face  I shouted:


You have a shittylittlemind + a goddamned honking laugh

+ the scent about you is  Bottom the Ass   Fie Fie boring hipster

at Terroni


With this the young doctor & his ethicist lover  wondered about my paradigm

Well I’m: an angst-ridden Jew from the Pale  a Jungian  + a witch    and if

carpaccio-face doesn’t  shut his trap  I will  no longer be a pacifist   Not to put

too fine a point on it



The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind  

the lawyer all the wickedness

the theologian all the stupidity      

Arthur Schopenhauer






Summer  2014


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