"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



According to scholars  including Sonia Lyubomirsky (U of Cal. Riverside)

Humans adapt quickly to our circumstances  but that also means we are

easily bored and unhappy


Beware of Adaptation!  Cockroaches adapt  Bottom feeders & sharks

are good adaptors too   Among the most effective methods for increasing

happiness  is talking to friends about your coming travels (Leaf Van Boven

U of Colorado  Boulder)    This is the best they could come up with?


I implore you gentle reader: Always remember  nothing is that  funny  and

happiness is a drug developed by BIG PHARMA to make you think:   you are

can be   want to be   need to be   happy     Whereas real happiness is fleeting

illusive  ephemeral   FICTIONAL    much like life itself


Happiness is a mirage  Go ahead knock yourself out   run towards it     see what

happens   I know a woman who is getting married next Tuesday   as of  last Monday

she was sucking the fingers of a long time acquaintance   Adaptation is the last great

Mythos     Ditto happiness


Several years ago  a man in a tall fur hat  made eye contact with me through the glass

at a Starbucks  Next thing I knew  he was beside me:   You have the face of a writer  

With this he disappeared from my life   forever?   Perhaps it was a meet-your-maker-

moment   All I can say is that I have finally figured out how to be faithless   making

happiness redundant   Like the song says:   Ain’t nothing like the rill thing    baby




*Wish you were on vacation right now? Don’t.  Taking a vacation won’t make you

happier.  And it may make you suffer even more.  

(Journal of Applied Research In Quality of Life  2010)





Summer   2014

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