"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



People emerging from the theatre giving each other

bear hugs   rubbing of backs ad nauseam   One guy

being pecked on the cheek repeatedly   Who the hell

is he?   (diminutive androgyne)


Last night he showed up in a dream  The door had to be

locked + chained  only to open again + again   An unusually

small  womanlike painter  with a gravely voice said:


We must free ourselves from the titillating stew of schadenfreude

Write like no one is reading you   Easy-breezy advice from someone

who wields the brush   to she who slaves with the pen   It seems that

people everywhere are unloading  words of wisdom


Today a U of T scientist accosted me as I dredged words from the

nether-regions  He had the quintessential wild hair & skinny head

He gesticulated & spat    The gist of his message:


Try to have relations with Tibetan monks   A friend of a friend told him

that every time she made love with a monk  the hillside would burst into

flowers   He spoke too of time travel & 21st century political tyranny   and

suggested that I not linearalize   too much  


And since it is near impossible to make shit like this up  you will simply

have to trust that it is not the blues or the psilocybin hijacking the Muse

Just a lot of people out there who should be saying something    saying nothing



(The poet Allen Ginsberg and other Beats  used Psilocybin to their advantage

writing numerous poems which would shape the direction of 21st century

literature, under the influence.  While this post-beat poet gets her prose seeds

from careful observation of normal everyday speech at U of T.  To date it is 

unknown whether psychotropics are widely used by this captive audience.  

One may only assume.)



POST SCRIPT:  Allen Ginsberg  (snippets of  The Lion For Real   Paris 1958)

I came home and found a Lion in my living room

Rushed out on the fire escape screaming Lion! Lion!

Called my Reichian analyst   I’m afraid any discussion

would have no value  He hung up   I ended up masturbating

in his Jeep  parked in the street  moaning Lion!





Summer 2014



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