"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Look around the edges of any group   Which strange

kids are off to the side   hiding from the mainstream?

They will be the  dogwalkers  poets  docents   of tomorrow


6 yr. old boy + 10 yr. old girl   He tries to keep a giant blue

beach-ball airborne  otherwise forlorn   digging in the dirt

She occasionally allows him onto her lap    A strange sight even

for me   dark café dweller  parkbench denizen  mainstreameject


Counsellor in shades takes the ball away from boy in crevasse

Old stone building U of T    What will they BE?    As other campers

flee   + beat each other senseless    Girl: mother of 3  Brittany  Starlight

& Alba     Boy:  will disappear  July 22nd  2023


Counsellors now playing murderball   whipping colorful orbs at

campers heads   One falls to the ground does not get up   As parents

in business towers   nervously search the horizon for rescue planes



*(today Globe & Mail pundit suggests: Soon they will harvest the madness

of poets + comics + dogwalkers)






Summer 2014


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