"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Then there are the recurring déjà vu’s   Part dream

part psychotic-snapshot    A cousin described these

to a tee   more daymare actually   Sometimes my father

throws back his head + laughs    He won’t squander his

happiness if given a  second lease


Today a civilian plane is blown from the sky   298 die

Metaphor is the mother of reality   & reality is the shit-abyss

this Summer


38 yrs. ago   another steamy Summer day    19   pristine

Like a dream   In chiffon cream  confection    $1200

way back then     People say your dress cost thousands!

bourgeois neighbor bellowed    On the day I sold the dress

I came within inches of being cancelled  by a streetcar named:

The Last Chance Texaco


My young groom twice married  (3rd bride makes the man)

Father at my side  gone now 25   A jittery bride    Grooms sister

cried (gone at 45)  Hated me for marrying up    But none of that

matters anymore   In the end we leave nameless + poor   Lingering

now on the shore   still part pristine    mostly grizzled  Fisher-Queen



Stella!   Stella!  

(Stanley Kowalski   Vieux Carre 1947)




Summer 2014


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