"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



In a play yesterday   the onstage

lovers caught in their own  feedbackloop

of:  lovehatelovehatelovehate    I pate you

said my 3 yr. old client   That’s okay said I

You can pate me + like me    I pate you + I

hate you  said she


Let us extrapolate to the  Global stage   Take the

Levant for example   Ancient hatreds + loves (?)

spring up   in the midst of  an aborted  Arab Spring 

There will never be peace  the pundits say


And what of the  Jewish Question?    3 Yeshiva boys

kidnapped & murdered   1 Arab youth immolated   Late at

night we hear the wail of  the Mothers  floating over Galilee

Grief has no creed   it is democratic  +free


So  are Jews measured by a different moral yardstick?   Are we

not human too?  Are not  self-preservation  revenge  + hatred  the

sine qua non of humanity?    They never stood up for themselves  

fought back    Why did they walk in single file to the oven doors?     

In my world it is the year  5774   and these questions are not rhetorical



I am not an animal. I am a woman.

The Elephant Man



Summer  2014



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