"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The only sounds in the abandoned Liberian

village  were the cries of  Fatu Sherrif   12

locked away with her mother’s body    Starving

& thirsty   After more than one week Fatu fell

silent   Ebola was 1st detected in the family on

July 20th   When health workers arrived Fatu’s

father had been dead 5 days    brother Barnie  15

still roams the village  alone   scrounging for food


He said: No one wants to come near me  & they know

don’t have Ebola    The shunning villagers are on the run

themselves  shunned   by neighbouring towns   Only Mamoh Wile

septuagenarian chief + Barnie   remain


So  how would this play out in our town?    Our city’s children

cared for  unaware    Afternoon women at lunch    as worlds have

disappeared   What mayhem would ensue?   The city you were meant

to triumph in   a spent horse   And in January ice will cover everything

Whatever you have known is  lost   Belongings lay abandoned   the doors

of houses left open    And in the morning it snows  some more   as packs of

pedigree dogs roam the core  fighting over scraps of last night’s dinner




End of Summer  2014

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