"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today walking by a gaggle of  constructionguys

I hear one of them say to another:  Who will she choose?

I’m   the before     You’re   the after     Men can be oblique

The amuse bouche    + the dessert?   Is he proposing a menage?

I run real fast  as the aftermath  chases afterme  all along West Queen St.


Yesterday I consulted with a Podiatrist from Yonkers  who charges

$4000 per foot for:  structural re-alignment     I tell jokes  he said

Do you want tame  or racy?   A little racy is okay    A woman had the

map of Canada tattooed on her ass    + every time she bent over  we

lost Quebec


Tomorrow my husband will say:  Today is my 38th wedding anniversary

& BTW  I’m having lunch with her  next Thursday   With this  I will lose what

might have been called  my poise   She’s still hanging around?  What’s she like?

Allgood  + nogood  too   I like her   he will also say   (instead of falling to his knees)

And much later   tomorrow eve   the night weasels will come




End of Summer  2014



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