"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today in front of me at U of T  I saw a sight

my brain fights to glean   Pretty young girl

tall + rail-slim  walking at a strange angle

Her shoes on close inspection hopelessly too big

& on her t-shirt in black chunky letters:

Hansel & Gretel Never Made It Out


She loped along making the day feel like the last

A girl like this could only appear pre-apocalypse

on the very day that Barak will tell us how he proposes

to deal with I.S.I.S.  *now hacking heads off of American



We live in a world where wars are called Peace Keeping

Missions  & both sides declare victory after 40 days + 40

nights  of blowing each other to bits     At a Futurological

Conference in the 70’s  Stanislaw Lem proposed  a world

happily drugged into hallucinogenic oblivion     BRING IT


The slim girl with a certain quiet beauty to her brand of

insanity reminds me that:  It is not Summer anymore  +

there are madmen gathering in Caliphates  knocking at the door





Fall 2014




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