"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



PastPresentFuture exist as one   You know this

though the calendar has been invented to prevent it

You are ever so eager to have a past  until you don’t

In fact you’ll take anything they give you  won’t you?


Before 9  nothing can make you mortal    For a brief season

it is all yours   you may even be bored    You don’t know enough

to take the genuine thing in your teeth  & hold it fast  makeitlast


What if life’s not a river  but a fatted calf?   What if  it’s an oath?

What if the first voice  will be the last voice  you will hear?

What if you are secretly in love with everyone who you grew up with?





Now that you are cured   you have a life  and somuchmore

Someday they will harvest this madness and sell it in bottles

stamped:     Kosher   



God looks on me and I am terrified  He makes the incubus

descend on me  Before he knows it  there I am in his lap   I

pull on his white beard  He throws me the ball of the world  

I throw it back        Adelia Prado  Baggage   1976  



Late Summer  2014





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