"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Honestly   she is so frail I can sling her over my

shoulder   Blunt cut  red hair  skin so white  almost

purple  Trying to get her teacher’s attention  Used to

being invisible


Hint of a smile   From a mile away  you can see  that she

will always be  on the periphery   One day she will have to

overcome the sudden desire to die   And who will say: Let’s

run away   Marry me    


Last night Barak said he would save the world’s children  But

her immediate concern is not the butchers of the Islamic State

Her immediate concern is trying to get someone’s attention  anyone’s

attention  She drifts to the back of the line as a cherubic boy slings an

arm  around the teacher


This week Robert Hansen 75   the  Butcher Baker  died in prison  He was

convicted of raping + killing 17 women   Strippers & prostitutes  no one would

notice went missing   drifters  peripheral sisters  end of liners   He drove them

into the Alaskan wilderness   set them free    & then hunted them  with his rifle


I wonder if some funding might be diverted to the HOMELAND  for mental health

& gun control   please



Hansen owned a bakery in a mini-mall in Anchorage  lived across town with his wife 

+ children  He was serving a 461 yr. sentence  at the time of his death




Fall   2014




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