"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



When Sarah Boston  veterinarian  was being treated

for cancer   the receptionist at the radiation clinic refused

to look up at her   With head down she grunted:  Put your

card  in the box


Seems that we’re treating humans like animals  & animals with

dignity   Sarah thinks that her dog+cat patients get better health

care  than humans do   It’s faster  with a focus on quality of life     Imagine


Yesterday a young man told me that: Monkeys with Ebola  isolate

themselves from the tribe   They sacrifice themselves   They walk

into the jungle to die   There seems to be a naked wisdom here   sorely

lacking among clothed apes


I posit that  the clothed ape has grown profoundly depressed

through exposure to repeated violence + atrocity   particularly

in the late 20th century   One may only hope that somewhere

not where we are   the  truelife  is being lived   This is likely a  crapshoot 

Ditto the treatment for depression


Take the 24 yr. old rapper  Abdel Bary   He tweeted a selfie with

a severed head   The comment read: Chillin with my homie   He had

simply picked up & posed with one of hundreds of heads left on the

roadside  after a mass beheading by ISIS


It may be a no-brainer  that we desperately need a 3rd arm of psychiatry

Not meds +not therapy   Surgery too was tried via lobotomy  and it failed

miserably   It doesn’t cost money to look up with kind eyes  and say: Yes you

are in the right place  We can help   just   TURN OFF YOUR SCREENS


And in the distance the sea falls endlessly as humanlife imitates the worst of

our technology:  Comprehensive analysis of violent interactive video game

research suggests such exposure increases aggressive  behaviour   thoughts

angry feelings   physiological arousal   & decreases helpful behaviour   Armies

now use violent video games to desensitize soldiers  to killing


Peter Neumann  director of  The Centre for Radicalization  London   said:

Detectives should use basic techniques to find the beheaders    Read their

tweets  they will give away clues   Just because they are terrorists who behead

people  doesn’t mean they don’t talk about football clubs   Many are in their teens

& 20’s   they will let their guard down




Fall  2014




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One thought on “MESSGAGE

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Louis Armstrong said it best: “What a Wonderful World”

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