"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



We are learning a lot about beheading lately

A staple of the Crusades   still practised in some

parts of Europe during WW II    Preferred by the

most prolific execution state in the world    Saudi Arabia

currently beheads in all murder  sodomy  & witchcraft



Why  humans even use it   as a method of trophy-gathering

often on a massive scale   We have also collected scalps +ears

But the head is best   leaving no uncertainty re: the victim’s

identity   Groups such as I.S. eliminate any semblance of the

quick+painless beheading  using a short knife requiring

prolonged sawing


This week police in Australia mounted a counterterrorist raid

foiling a plot to behead random members of the public  Mubin Shaikh

security officer   infiltrated the  Toronto 18   terrorist cell    He said:

You have the same types in Canada


Now in addition to standing against the wall in subway stations   I hunker

with fear   everywhere    Drawing-in my head   like a box-turtle   especially

when hulking men walk close     My throat still exposed   not yet in winter



Yesterday I heard Ray Boisvert  former assistant head of  C.I.S.I.S. say:

You can’t really ensure that this won’t happen in Canada  it’s not a question

of hiring more police +getting more shiny toys  The advantage always goes to

the attackers


As I write this a navy blue squad car drives by   back seat filled with metal cage

I notice the tip of an automatic rifle poking through   I am now intimately

acquainted with automatic rifles since the manic replay of:  a 9 yr. old girl

killing her instructor at the rifle range   His 4 children in an open letter wrote:

We forgive you   It was an accident    We hope to meet you someday



We have time to grow old.  The air is full of our cries.  But habit is a great

deadener.  At me too  someone is looking, of me too  someone is saying, he

is sleeping, he knows nothing, let him sleep on.  

Waiting For Godot   Samuel Beckett  1954



Fall  2014



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