"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Here under canopy of hundred year old trees   sinewy-wolfman

now all I can see   People spit a lot in this particular park   I wonder

what this can possibly mean?


2 curly headed twins straight out of GAP climb on mangiver  like

young lemurs   Get a little too far afield & now like me  wary   Girl-twin

eyes me suspiciously  walks fast sideways  never taking eyes off of old



Mangiver has just let twins pee beside a tree   their nakedness startles

shrill citydwellers  One woman shrieks Lenny!  And pulls her child

away   Not a pink cherubim  Dozens of Fall wasps cruise me   & it is

clear to see that I am the only one flailing   aggressively


Perhaps time for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Where a kindly woman

with long white hair will teach me to stifle monkeymind  now well out of

it’s infancy   But can she erase the image brought via satellite late lastnight:

Man+boy lay half nude on ambulance floor   Boy now fallen to ground


Commentator says: These Ebola victims cannot be clothed due to exploding

fluids & are too tired to move  All 17 beds in the hospital are taken   Man from

United Nations: Yes it’s disgraceful  I will look into it immediately   Commentator

doubts his sincerity    We switch OFF the tv



Welcome to my nightmare said my 5 yr. old client each Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Then smashed the golf club hard into my soft-tissues


The key to the security of the playroom is patrol ships, subs, a fleet of destroyers,

jets +missiles.   M.A.C. Farrant   The World Afloat    2014






Fall 2014



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