"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The fatbirds are in the trees  last count 660

Their sqwaklaugh spreads through West Queen

West  making even the holiest hipster feel foolish

Like on Saturday when Falstaff shouted at the well

shod Opera crowd: YOU ARE ALL FOOLS!

Then laughed a bellylaugh causing chaos to his fatsuit


Is Toronto becoming a reliquary of fallen media darlings?

There’s Rob Ford  +now Jian Gomeshi   He has not been

charged with a crime  +the allegations have not been tested

in court  Yet it seems a sport to pillory  and dig up the latest

viddy   This time: bondage +beating  during sexual activity


Of course if Jian Gomeshi is found guilty  he should suffer the

most extreme penalty  Sexual violence is not pretty  Ditto sucker

punching one’s dates  +shielding teddy from the harshest of realities

What strikes me  is that few ever talk compassionately about the

glaring need for therapy  or ministry  until it’s too late


It always felt like Rob might harm himself   Until cancer came along

+claimed him as it’s patient  he was routinely humiliated   Jian now

eviscerated  is M.I.A.   So I ask you gentle reader: What would Jesus say?





Late Fall  2014


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