"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There are 14 leaves left on my tree  +a mad white

squirrel gesticulating at me (did he just flip me the

bird?)   Rogers no-showed after 3 hrs. on the phone

with: John  Infar  +Brett   This left me shouting

obscenities at Lexi  in Kuala Lumpur  who was sorry

I felt this way  But no more appointments today   I see

it was your husband’s birthday this week   Awesome!


But there are more important things afoot this November 5th

2014   Poor Barak will be a lameduck until 2016   & in Ottawa

a 15 yr. old girl was sentenced to 6 1/2  yrs.   for running a well

oiled human trafficking machine


On this day in 1954 Godzilla was born  Back then he was known

as Gojira  1/2 gorilla  1/2 whale    A hybrid beast born of our

destructive capacities  meant to be  Nature’s revenge for  The Bomb

Later spotted atop the Empire State building messing with Hedy Lamarr


It’s always been true that few things make one’s heart race like a good

revenge fantasy: Gorija comes upon the Rogers truck    He lifts it over 

his head +begins to eat it for lunch   Then he makes his way to L.A.

where he has recently earned a star  on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame


O Gorija  take me with you!  In about 2 days time  there will stand my barren

tree   + the albino squirrel will shit all over me  Divine retribution for invincible

optimism  & a precious wildness that simmers in the jaded botch  that is me



There’s no shortage of tormented things. Far from mirrors I feed

dreams of fame+travel, extraordinary men offering me necklaces,

words that can be eaten they’re so sweet, so warm, so corporeal.

Adelia Prado  1981



Late Fall  2014



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