"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Right now in Toronto there are a few theatre

groups doing death+dying   An auspicious time

is early November  when the scrim is thin around

the edges   & the dead walk among us


The un-dead are busy as usual  inventing ways not

to waste time   So precious  so rapidly diminishing

(just toss your watch! burn your Calendar!)

Take the cubicle rats of Silicon Valley   tech-savvy

millennials tired of chewing their food


They are touting Soylent: a healthy alternative to

normal food   It allows users to transcend a basic

biological need  Soylent’s slogan: FREE YOUR BODY

which used to be known in simpler times as: being dead


It seems that everywhere they are trying to put us to sleep

Note the recent discovery that memory is exquisitely sensitive

to anesthetic drugs   How many times have you had surgery?


Based on the newest mouse study  memory deficits persist long

after surgery   Face it  general anesthesia is NOT the same as sleep

It is instead the Big Pharma Coma   They will put you under  but

in most places  they will not let you die  with dignity


Beware of Resuscitation   Dying in Canada is currently a techno-

laden odyssey   Few are brave enough to broach the subject of

dying   with the dying   Euphemisms abound: Get Your House In Order!

At a recent death-bed scene I overheard these words: Let the doctor tell

her   that’s why he gets paid the BIG BUCKS      


3 things the dead won’t miss about the living:  their cowardice  their avarice

their mendacity    1 thing they will:  their immortality




It is because in the wild and outraged earth too soon too soon too soon.

Willam Faulkner  As I Lay Dying  1930




Late Fall  2014



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