"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Today I sit at the edge of our city  in a

military cemetery  a stone’s throw from

Lake Ontario    A Grade 1 class has come

to lay a wreath at the feet of a statue  marking

a soldier’s grave    A teacher shrieks: Everyone

has to look at the statue NOW!  There must be

a gentler way to take their innocence  no?


Today is the day we honour the fallen soldiers of

THE GREAT WAR  where in places called Somme

Verdun  Dieppe   Canadian ghosts are out in droves

It’s Remembrance Day   & the old cemetery is covered

with grass     The smell of rotting leaves wafts up  as

designer dogs dig holes


With a poppy   blood red +woundlike   fastened to

my chest  I mingle with the ghosts   & wonder how the

5 yr. old son of Cpl. Cirillo is faring   His father cut down

just weeks ago by a young homegrown jihadi


It seems there are old wars  +new wars    Wars from bunkers

+wars from caves   The children’s wreath is blowing along King St.

now   & a canine ghost sits at attention beside the soldier’s grave

__ wild nights, chased by dogs and other sounds, when you’ve been lost

a long time, when you have no other place.  

Anne Michaels  1991



Late Fall 2014    RIP  9 million soldiers + 7 million civilians   

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