"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



The seats are too close together  the music

is  World   on steroids   So repetitive is the groove

if you’re not *OCD  you will be:  na na nay ba ba 

ba  ina ina ina ska   Need I say more?   Writing at

Starbucks across from the asylum where a frigid wind

whips under the door  Longstoryshort the country is okay

but the long months of freezeyourassoff turn us animal+sour


Sorry we squandered the sunsets +spiders the size of hanging

meat   Pointed car  back to city  where gritty reality obliterated the

last of Huron retreat    Now nicely tenderized  we cower at Old Man

Winter’s feet   A patient from the asylum sidles up to me +bellows:  Bro!  

na na ney ba ba ba   He is the man who said : I’m gonna slit your throat  

to my old mother  one sultry summer’s day


Full circle have we come   Now awaiting the scented dusks of  May

Sweet May     Na Na Ney    Hey  turn that goddamned music OFF 

before I go grinch-psycho  +vomit on your Advent Calendar   a steal

@ 39.94  



*Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 






Late Fall  2014

for J.M.A. who in 1969 passed a whole maraschino cherry thru

his nose while laughing(+vomiting) at our father’s back spasm throes






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