"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A young handsome hipster crossed Bathurst St.

beside me   He said:  I will protect you    Now I sit

at  Brioche Dorée  with signs that say: Continually

look for ways to be greener    If you’re afraid of butter

use cream   It even says: Brioche pronounced bree-osh

I do need that dude to protect me  from pop-up Normandy

+ it seems   a few Toronto Hydro guys close by


They are wonderfully polite about ogling me    One is impish

persistent   & Gandalf-esq    He might make the perfect man-pet

The media is giving terribly conflicting messages right now   One

feminist columnist spent 13 paragraphs extolling as empowerment

the virtues of Kim K’s: oiled naked ass  on the cover of PAPER  (who

knew such a big arse could be so flawless)  


In the same newspaper another proto-feminist from Harvard called

ogling a form of public shaming   I don’t know though  my new man-

pet is so compact I suppose that I could grab him by the throat  +apply

pressure until the police come   And this is where it all falls apart   as I of

course  would be the one arrested


Rebecca Dick/ Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh  is studying:  cyberdating 

abuse   & found 41% of 14-19 yr. olds reported such abuse in 2012  including:

harassment  stalking  +threats   more common among girls   with a clear link

to offline abuse+sexual assaults


Seriously   Kim’s bare ass  cannot be construed as evidence  of women’s

empowerment!   More likely  a narcissistic ploy to get more coverage

Clearly  it’s about the size of her bank account    So what chance does little

North West really have of ever escaping the infamy  of her mother’s well oiled booty?




*Headline NOW MAGAZINE: How did sexuality become

the single most crucial way for women in pop culture to demonstrate

their power? 



Late Fall 2014   

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One thought on “BOOTY

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Several bolts of gabardine will be required to provide “coverage” for that tuchas.

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