"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Did you know that there is a biological imperative

for love?  The glue that holds the human-tribe together

Without it we are doomed should natural selection choose

social media connections    over old fashioned love for reasons

of say  disease control   Hate might reign supreme  It too is in our

ancient DNA  just another form of self preservation


Not opposites really   more flip sides of the same coin  that make us

the beautiful+cruel conundrum of the higher primates   In Canada’s

aboriginal language there are 736 words for love  & only 1  for hate

It does not require much complexity  just a thick skull+hairy palm


Today we contemplate the aftermath of the bloodbath  in France

Islamist militants have killed  cartoonists  journalists  + 1 psycho-

analyst  at Charlie Hebdo   Also police officers +4 Jewish patrons

of a kosher grocery store


Of course we are all  Charlie  & now thankfully all  Juif   But are we

all the brothers Kouachi? Or just some of us?  Were we all cheering

at the Bastille when heads rolled in 1789  Or just some of us?  Were

we all looking the other way when trains packed with human-cargo

traversed Europe just yesterday?


Are we all thick of skull +hairy of hand?  Under what circumstances

will the few become the many?  In 1642 Galileo was hauled before the

Inquisition   With his pen he endorsed the Earth’s orbit  of the Sun

The Church threatened torture  & locked him away until the day  he died


For many the pen has always been as dangerous as the sword  To quote a

fallen comrade of the pen Stéphane Charbonnier:  I’d rather die standing

up, than live on my knees  And die he did last Wednesday  when the Kouachi’s

entered Charlie Hebdo  & called out his name


Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically.. We’ve got to

live no matter how many times the sky has fallen.  

DH Lawrence   Lady Chatterly’s Lover


Live Damn it!  Live!  

George Costanza   Seinfeld



Winter  2015    *on January 11 2015   a 10 yr. old girl was detonated in a busy

marketplace by Boko Harem militants hiding nearby




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