"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring  sparked

a riot on May 29 1913   100 yrs. ago or so

the score was considered too primal  percussive

herky-jerky   The depiction of a violent pagan past

sent Paris into chaos: hissing  heckling  fist-fights

A notorious preamble to the brutality of the coming

century     Pagan past   we might ask?


In Spring 2014  on May 29th  a group of 20 including

fathers+brothers  stoned a 25 yr. old pregnant woman

to death  It was noon  next to the courthouse in Lahore

Her husband said: We were in love   Her father expressed

no regrets  


Lata  the husband  was found to have killed his first wife   The

case was later dropped when his 5 children forgave him  I strangled

her  he said  In Pakistan 839 women were murdered in honour killings

in 2013


While across the sea in the latest shooting spree  the gunman’s father

had directed  The Hunger Games  where youth are caged  hunted+

killed by one another in a survival-game  The young shooter a self

professed virgin  hated women  +wanted revenge on  everyone


It appears that Spring continues to catalyze acts of violence  as humanity

plays out the age old battle of  Eros vs. Thanatos     And as Barak has

cautioned:  Hammers just seem to gravitate toward nails



Sandro Botticelli Primavera 1482



rite of spring

Jan Balet  Rites of Spring  1984





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