"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Alex Malarkey’s book was  it  in the growing canon

of  Heaven Tourism Lit   until he recanted his trip

to Heaven   Alex had spent 2 months in a coma after

a car crash  & his best seller detailed encounters with

miracles  angels   +life beyond   Alex was 6


I did not die  I did not go to Heaven  I just wanted attention

Alex has confessed   His book is being taken out of print by his

publisher  who had billed it as:  A True Story


We live in a world where bizarre is the new normal  +it seems

Heaven is much in demand   Ditto  rapture  bliss   buzz   +garden

variety beatitude   We are after all combing Mars for microbial

life  festering in ancient lake-beds since  the wet-period   3.5 billion

years ago


Gail Crator of NASA  thinks the discovery of carbon based life is in the

offing  though it is hard to know why finding Martian relations is a good

thing   Do we really need more humanoids to subjugate?


Yet it does seem that 36 yr. old Marie G.  & her 2 sons  Cole (3)  +Devon

(1 month) are in need of an augury  of Heaven   a home for wraiths

transcendence   There is no way to analgize their story   On Monday a small

jet staggered out of an azure sky   & slammed into their house in Gaithersburg


It is thought that Angels cannot tell the difference between the dead  + the living

So in the end why not just change the name of Alex Malarkey’s book to something

like:  The Boy Who May Or May Not Have Been To Heaven   & sell it anyway?



It is truly strange to no longer inhabit the earth

Every Angel is terror

Duino Elegies  Rainer Maria Rilke




Winter  2015

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