"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Moammar Gadafi seized power at 27  & was known for

his giant bedouin tents   bevy of female bodyguards

+his ruthlessness    Hanna Rosin  The End of Men  says:

There’s a lot of normalizing pretty bad behavior    And

though she is speaking about fratboys  Moammar pitched

his tent in some pretty  lofty places   think United Nations!


So how is it that would-be dentists at Dalhousie are being

tarred+feathered over fratboy trash-talk  albeit of a vulgar

+violent vein   Shouldn’t they be allowed to graduate late  &

give a percentage of their income to charity  after scrubbing

floors +toilets in their local women’s shelter  Say 1,095 hrs of

community service?  Would this suffice  or do some of them

need to take their lives?


As reported by the University’s President  some of the young

men are in a fragile state induced by shame  which in+of itself

can be a corrective natural consequence   And is it not also price

enough that their names are now MUD?   Perhaps not


Charlie Glickman   Sexuality+Masculinity educator argues:

Much locker-room talk is performance bravado  men playing

at macho  like boys play wrestling  It’s the escalation effect

that’s toxic   guys competing to show who is the most manly

(a.k.a.  whose is bigger)   We live in a world where men take

courses in masculinity from Charlie   where civility +chivalry

went the way of the nuclear family


The good news: It is empirically true that in most locker-rooms

men do not sit around naked  +talk about raping women  

Michael Kimmel   Guyland    The not so good news:  Kimmel

heard the same disturbing phrase on every American college campus

he visited: Bros before Hos


Maybe we haven’t come such a long way   baby?   Even though women

now outnumber men on campus    & are entering previously male

dominated fields   including  Dentistry   Or perhaps these are the last

gasps of a dying breed   like the last seed crop of dying trees



Dude   Stop The Spread Please 

Poster in NYC subways discouraging   Manspreading:

Guys taking up too much space so as to give their manly

parts plenty of air   a.k.a.  micro-aggression

Globe+Mail  January 2015





Winter  2015




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