"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



There is a dripping yellow-y substance

seeping from the ceiling  reminiscent of

seedy hotels out on the lakeshore strip

drip  drip  drip    It’s 4 a.m.


Insinuates itself into dreamscape  watery

flashes of yellow seepage  captures slippage

of dissolving moon   On a canoe  drip drip drip

6 a.m. yellow stain moving toward the bed  will

envelop disgruntled city dwellers by noon


Now creeping toward husband’s head buried under

pillows to stanch sound of GIANT pummelling truck

Water is pouring out of pipes onto street  Worlds collide


Somewhere Noah weeps  as our house floats over sewage-y

waves  We are Huck+Becky  on a townhouse raft  lighting out

for the land of Spring     drip  drip    drip  


(so where’s the fucking rainbow already?)


naoh couple




Winter  2015    20 days until Spring..




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