"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



A new term has been coined ISFG (Islamic State Fangirl)

radicalized in their bedrooms  on twitter  tumblr  +murdr

Post millennial groupies to beheaders   How can they have

missed the well staged executions   orange jumpsuited  bloody

desert mirages stuck on replay   OMG gutwrenchingly awesome!

tweeted one recruit


Messianic fervour +magnetism  can whip up female hormones

alarmingly (Yasmin Alibhai Brown  The Independent)    A sad

commentary on humanity   Today Bebe  the uninvited guest of

Barak said: The enemy of your enemy is your enemy (btw Bebe

John Boehner is your frenemy)  Among the enemies of the Free World

are violent warrior heartthrobs seducing our daughters


They see it as emigrating to a better life  They say they feel free

(The Guardian)  More beheadings please!  tweeted another recruit

But can this really be?  Mass rape  oppression  +the new crucifixtion

as aphrodisiac?  Everything they need to know is on the Internet  even

what to pack  in the new


Tonight’s the night, come on surrender
I won’t lead your love astray, astray, yeah
Your love’s a weapon
Give your body some direction
That’s my aim

Justin Timberlake  Take Back The Night 



Winter  2015  (tweets reported in the Globe+Mail 3/3/2015)



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