"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


Little Fiancée Of The Atlantic

car crash coma at 17   at 20 first trans-atlantic

solo   sailor florence arthaud  dead at 57    remote

gorge argentina   helicopters touched briefly  then

fell to the ground    filming the reality show



a hero in france   her eyes fierce beacons

inscrutable glare   stares out of front page

news   hair leonine   mouth screams don’t

fuck with me   skin leathery    wizened brow


the whole of a story is never told   when she was

a girl her passion was to catch a bird   countless

hours spent crouching in tall grass   her father said:

if you can shake salt on his tail   he is yours


birds filled the sky on the day she died   birds guided

her over the frigid+black atlantic    they carried her

out of the gorge yesterday at dawn   arthaud slid gently

+elegantly into ceres gravitational embrace    a dwarf

planet with a dusty outer crust+a rocky inner core







Winter 2015    20 days to Spring



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