"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Walking home through skunk verdant streets   My

brother asked me to write: You know  More upbeat 

I quoted Dylan (Bob not Thomas)  another dark+

depressed Russian Jew    Who knew that being a poet

would require so much peeling back of the skin  a ritual

daily circumcision


As much as I try   daffodils+sunshine  elude me   And if

you really want someone to blo-sunshine  I know a good

colonic clinic around the corner    But maybe it’s just a

question of place  BIG SUR seemed so much closer to the

heavens   Easier to believe you might catch lightening in

a bottle  up there


Down here when we see a Dolphin   Messenger of the Gods

by God!  What stands out are the scars  etched like stars  all

over the laughing mammalian body   Down here the shredder

takes its toll  all the shilling of one’s soul: Your book is a thing

of beauty  But hard to tell if it’s a journal or a calendar  without

any writing on the cover  


Why not OPEN IT  Giftshop lady?   Poems will float out + fill

this dingy city   Why daffodils will sprout from every orifice!   You

know  even though female Orcas stop breeding at 40   they live into

their 90’s  & are much more likely to be the LEADERS of the pod

Just another mammalian cousin mystery   while you struggle under

the weight of your 2 legged legacy   of apeman misery


In pre-historic times Dolphins were terrestrial   and before you

were born  your foetus swam+breathed  a creature of the sea   Let’s

build a world where anxiety has no currency  One where it harmlessly

hovers  +we grab hold of fantastic  and run for the hills

Hello out there    Hello


big sur



The season of dancing was endless  +many who wished they could

would never be able to stop    Delirium Waltz   Mark Strand  1998


I am going where I have already been.    Shooter  Cincinnati Kid 



4 days til Spring 2015        for my 3 brothers

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