"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



James Dean  Cobain  Joplin  Morrison  Basquiat

There is even a term Basquiatiana   His blackness

didn’t hurt  says the Globe & Mail   Nor did his 

wild-child urban noble savage mystique  a wild pet

for the recently cultivated white  said one art critic


And though he lived on the street for a while  he was in fact

an upper middle class private school child  whose father drove

a Mercedes  He has 2000 sq. ft. at the A.G.O. this Spring   Also

in the building are the photos of   Henryk Ross  Lodz Ghetto:

dead bodies on the ground  children in carts being carted to camps

& the man who saved the Torah!


Notice the yellow stars sewn onto chests & backs   the better to

identify you Jew  especially when running   Let us unite these 2

artist’s works  One a visible minority  the other invisible   Let us

place a yellow star on the forehead of Basquiat’s self-portrait

Black dreads  white slits for eyes   +the star of David


Basquiat slits   Basquiat


basquiat jude          star of david



Spring  2015




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