"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Dalai young*


They find each other through reincarnation   Boy Lama

knows old Lama’s favourite cereal  +the number of raised

moles on his grandfather’s cheek   On this day in 1959 our

Dalai Lama arrived in Dharamshala with 80,000 followers!

They’d all walked over the Himalayas   an exodus sans the

unleavened bread


Dalai looked geeky big rims black lace-up oxfords white socks

+broad child-smile   He was bitched from the start   Communists

want to kill him still   +his boy Lama replacement rots in prison


Were you bitched from the start? Drop me a line with details   & I

will immortalize you sometime soon (#bitchinglorystories)  No doubt

that I was bitched   All poets are  So is every butcher you will ever meet

My high school BFF’s dad Lou Goodfield was a butcher   +a ginger


This July it will be 3 yrs. since my notebook was stolen   cover gold

+filigree   Words dredged out of swamps +songbook from hell    One

angry poem about Neil Young’s vanity project Granddaddy   Shouted

obscenities all night from a box at the ACC  2003   Bitched most definitely


*Hemingway in a letter to Fitzgerald





Spring 2015

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