"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



beautiful + cruel according to cg jung who knew

a thing or 2 about the vicissitudes   he invented the

collective unconscious at the burgholzli asylum where

dementia praecox  ruled    down they fled into the

labyrinth  without ariadne’s spool   the minotaur is

not your friend  modern hominid


janice stein professor emeritus +crone said: the middle

east is on fire  so is the globe   she lamented a time when

earth was warm under our feet  we swam in rivers cold+deep

+there was new everything  


the light is silvery-strange  an un-named woman rides alone on

a horse   something is different about this day   horse now flying

upside down   lands on woman’s legs     silence in the meadows

how many minutes does it take?  millennia to crawl out of lava-pools

+riverbeds   in seconds  she will never live by the sea


in nimrud the islamic state loots ancient treasures   a 3,000 yr. old

site on the banks of the tigris   john kerry says: no terrorist can re-write

history   but as all good fascists know: demoralize the demoralized  +the

world is your oyster   colonies of ants with complex hierarchies re-build

the hill  in it’s exact configuration  while bamiyan buddhas +the winged

bulls of mosul will become embedded in the visions of  25th century

psychotics    everywhere


my sympathy with all creatures was strictly limited to warm blooded animals

the only exceptions among the cold blooded vertebrates were frogs and toads

because of their resemblance to human beings   CG Jung 


nazi looters




Spring  2015




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