"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



all is quiet in the sambisa forest   the stoning

the explosions  +the crushing by tanks  stopped

the silence is full of un-screamed screams   the

freed women+children  some in shock  others

bewildered  line up for tea   +a stew of baobab



many of the new babies in rags   suffering from

malnutrition   warlords  of forced marriages  didn’t

provide board  just rooms  malaria+rape commonplace

Lami Musa 27  forced to marry the man who slaughtered

her husband  the whereabouts of their 3 children  unknown


now she is walking home with a week old baby  born in captivity

the military will turn survivors over to the National  Emergency

Management Agency   new home a dust blown refugee camp set

among baobab trees


Rachel Yehuda psychiatrist NYC  has found that children of mothers

with PTSD are 3x as likely to have it   +6x more likely to be depressed

+anxious    sunset in sambisa forest  piles of stones  crushed bones  +

land mines     pink skies+resurrection





6000 yr. old witness to Boko Haram

savagery the sacred African Baobab tree

symbol of immortality




Spring 2015





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