"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



there was a man who looked so

dangerous we waited until he’d left

before exiting Grand Electric   a burbon

+taco joint down the road   1/2 squeegie kid

1/2 Charlie Manson  skin pink  now pacing in

front of the lcbo  desperate for a drink   or

someone to dismember


girl in store next door   says her boyfriend was

beaten to a pulp  last week   squeegieman wants

more hipster blood    i say to my brother: don’t

look them in the eyes  +when they ask for money  

say sorry    not   sorry my friend     on this week’s

episode of favourite show  our folk hero  shot in face

he called his mugger  son    as in: son this is a mistake



today a guy wears a: what is love? sign   a large man naked

to the waist  delivers an open handed slap  to love-junkie’s

face    does he turn the other cheek?   hell no   he slashes at

the cherry trees  only 10   +2 yrs. old     fully pink for a week

or so   new grass covered in shredded massacre   hipsters weep

+sound like doves







Spring 2015  soon none of this will matter snow will annul all talk of love




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