"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



words are disappearing   clearing cards of

endearments proving i was useful  proving

i was worth my weight in suffering   last night

in a dream i told a curious by-stander i was

kicked  +worse   what could be worse?


urinated on  spat at  hair pulled  +clumps came

out!  once called an old bag from quite a distance

it was worth it i insisted   she eyed me skeptically

+lumbered off


i am tempted to fill in the blanks: you rare saviour

you glorious rose  without you i would never have

become the Prime Minister   instead i am left with:

light   forever your destiny  dreamcatcher  you were



it seems that time is taking poetic licence  with my

ephemera  +turning out to be   a much better poet

than me




Spring 2015


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