"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



tiny grey-haired lady on the sidewalk

many officers + firemen in shorts pace

ragtag bag splayed  there is an oxygen

mask placed haphazardly on her face

she is well into her 80’s


as a child she believed in  rainbows +

paul bunyan   so how did she end up here?

shouting: hard hat  hard boots  what else you

got that’s hard?  once married   in leafy suburb

husband left her with 3 kids  for best friend +had

4 more


worked at a bakery   married a card shark named

Harry  a niceguy  who wore white undershirts   +

brylcreem   it’s about to pour  1st responders packing

up   Spring exploding everywhere   lilac laden trees in

hipster-ridden park give off a bovine scent  mixed now

with earth  +regret  +loathing


Her children stopped looking in 2002   will you take her

home with you?





Spring 2015


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