"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



in texas last week at twin peaks restaurant   biker

gangs had a shooting spree  nine dead   170 injured

bodies scattered everywhere


noon  busy waco interstate  truck stop draws a huge

lunchtime crowd   it’s not known what triggered the

violence   Sgt. W. Patrick Swinton   waco police


maybe there was no trigger Pat   maybe the wild wild west

still exists in the hinterland   why in washington a family

was held captive by a gun toting stranger   tortured for 8 hrs.


then he ordered a pizza   DNA gave him away   mayhem slouches

in gullies  near interstates  +arrives in the capitol on a clear spring

day   even the pundits don’t know what to say


so they pull at their moustaches   and avert their gaze   in a friendly

gesture Barack tweeted from the oval office!   he received countless

answers  many with death threats  one depicted him hanging from a tree


can we still consider america home of the free?



What’s called a normal life?  

(Rosemary Waldrop  Love+Other pronouns)



Spring 2015





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