"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



In the deeps of the sea  it’s dark+cold at

3,333 feet   the blackest black you will ever

see    A good place to jettison your identity

Egos thrive in the light of day   while the

capital S   Self   loves the underbelly


Where murky meanderings  +little white lies

are laid bare  Away from the glare of the klieglights

you can ponder awarenesses long repressed  You can

even confess to coveting your neighbour’s wife   his 5

speed weed-wacker   +his sex toys galore


Today in my park all around me  there are bohemians

on highwires  lashed to trees   Navigating the balancing

act that is: en-soulment   #mailmeasoul     in these days of

our en-darkenment   Or is the darkest hour   just before dawn?


There is also a man  5 feet 2  who paces the periphery  where

girls are sprawled legs akimbo   Someone has led him to believe

that he can exorcise the worst kinds of demons by cruising

strange women    I give him an: I’ll break your neck like a twig

kind of glare 


He is a perfect example of the pussification of America!   my dear

friend screams      #mailmeasoulwillyouplease




Spring 2015

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