"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



in tanzania people with albinism are hunted like animals

they aren’t considered human  children+babies murdered

grisly butchery   body parts in witch doctor’s potions bring

luck  love  +success  to countrymen   there is even a booming

cross-border trade


mwigulu matanange  10   is the saddest person in the country

he hasn’t spoken a word since his mutilation in February   t-shirt

gaping hole  where arm used to be   buyers of potions  rich+powerful

(even politicians!)  225 witch doctors arrested so far this year   all

released days later


an election in the offing  demand increasing   3 children  one village

missing   vivisection suspected   a year old’s hand found on the road

to nowhere   June 13  2015   1st albino awareness day


use your eyes +hands  write the foreign ministry  +ask them to support

ending these atrocities   night is falling in tanzania   phantom limbs tingle




Spring  2015

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