"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



ultra-contemporary   a transcontinental rumba

of the global digital   This a description of the 5th

Canadian of colour to be nominated for a Griffin

Trinidadian-Peruvian   Shane Book    Shane says:

Poetry doesn’t get a lot of laughs


I wonder if there have been any invisible minorities

a.k.a. Jews  nominated    They might describe my

poems for instance as: a transcontinental hora of the

global digital   +funny  don’t ask!   


Seriously  I don’t care how they describe my poetry

$75,000 would give my dark+depressing stanzas a ring

of dybbukery     A  #sellmysoulatthecrossroads  infamy

And yes I would take the money   Though I cannot help but

wonder if the Muse could then be wrested from the front

row at CHANEL   #callmeshallow     Go ahead




Spring 2015

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