"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Did you know that women are 2x more depressed

+ anxious than men   +10x more likely to admit it?

The newspaper asks: is it because women are actually

sicker?  Or go to the doctor more?


Maybe like Eurydice  the underworld beckons  +daddy

waits there ready to build you a room of string   Of all the

vagaries  saying goodbye to daddy  makes the blood grow

angry   + angry blood in women causes: infarction


Dear Deadwomen: if you were given the choice by Hades to

live your days across the Styx   with daddy   or  return to your

Orpheus-hubby   What would you do?   Only serious responses

will be considered   Write to HisDarkLord at:

*winners will receive  a reprieve


..through shallow water, through dustings of  snow, through

cloudy figures of fallen light. I cannot remember, but I think

you were there, whoever you are.  

(Mark Strand  Blizzard of One  Pulitzer 1999)




Spring 2015   for Michelle & Gregory  Soulpepper’s Eurydice+Orpheus

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