"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Bell Canada lady asks: No work today?   Big Sister

1984    This call is being monitored  for your sanity

Yes home today   a writer  so lots of time for Bell+Rogers

And a dip into call centre dystopia  where there never

was an Arab Spring   +GiGi Gryce streams endlessly


Dizzy  Thelonius +Max  banned    Photos of Louis prohibited

The man’s smile could start a revolution   Instead drones monitor

us endlessly   Our phone centre whisperings  muted cries for HELP

Today it is a blistering 34 celsius  hottest day in local history   Barack

is in Addis Ababa   +will move his worn smile to Chicago come 2017


Bell Canada lady: Save Us From Mike Huckabee   whose oven-rhetoric

(there is a boldness +clarity to it  Mike protests)   is an affront to common

decency   It brings to mind  Hellboy:  Regaliceratops peterhewsi   a species

of dinosaur with a large mouth + tiny horns





Summer 2015

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