"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Think of the famous Fermi Paradox:

1) humans are the only intelligent life in the universe

2) advanced civilizations destroy themselves

3) we are in a galactic zoo

4) aliens hide in plain site


I bet you forget that we are but a speck in the vastness

beyond the sheltering sky   Most days thinking this is all

there is   But have no fear!  There is a new telescopic camera

One that will measure: abundance+vegetation growth  +ozone

All for 100 million U.S.   provided by a Russian   Yuri Milner


When the abundance numbers come in  +they are expected to be

staggering   will anxiety+depression  plummet?   Will we revel in our

abundance?   Perhaps we will embrace the  Sapient  become the wise

Homo   And realize that: sloth+greed  wrath+pride  lust+envy+gluttony

hide in plain sight    The aliens within us?


Or  the sine qua non of what it means to be HUMAN?


Except for Hermann Meuter   Whale researcher  Not he a petri-dish

in which aliens might flourish   Stroked  +whispered to a stranded Orca

for 36 hrs   though thousands of seals made sounds like laughter   I have

never heard a seal vocalize  said Hermann   


And somewhere out there  beyond the 5000 exoplanets discovered to date

by the Kepler telescope  laughter is building +picking up steam   It will take

at least 3 billion light years to reach the Blue Planet  where a deep and twisted

silence will have reigned for millennia  +the last laugh+the first laugh will

be united






Summer 2015





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