"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Parks confuse people   Free open green places  where the

personal-space rules  are hazy    A man has just tripped

over my crossed leg    Blue suede 70’s inspired boot  akimbo

That’s how close he crept!    My glare boring into his citified

soul-hole   Empty now   Pan Am hell left too many glassy-eyed


Many more stupefied over $50,000,000 Olympic bid    Over there

the pervy park auteur  is making a documentary about a comely hipster’s

crotch    Seriously    Now 3 more city-dwellers on my tail    One woman so

close I smell last night’s sausages    Oh give me a home where the buffalo

roam  +parks with corrals+queues    And a world with one less dentist from

Minneapolis  who hates lions+tigers+bears



cecil lion




Summer  2015

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