"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



An entire Park   20 hectares   A not bad looking

bloke asks: Mind if I share that bench?   I give

him my most demanding deathstare   Had I Darth’s

sabre he would be a headless cyclist   Bike leaning

against hundred yr. old tree   Bloke cozies up to me


There is a squirrel with an orange face +underbelly

It too is creeping closer   Turns out bloke reeks of BEER

+has an oozing sore on his leg


Once  before I sat in parks  +freezing cafes  earning an unliving

There was a man who bought me a Strad   at a silent auction

Another woman might have learned to play  or at least strummed

it on occasion   I preferred to keep it sheathed   +counted other

women in my sleep    Sheep to the un-sheathed slaughter


Was Stradivari a cad too?  Thousands of violins have been made

with his imprint   Most are copies   When the real artifact comes

along one would hope for a working bullshit meter  +at least some

facility with wind instruments  if not violins





Late Summer 2015

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