"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



curls around the centre of the brain  the striatum  some

call it  the villain    desire central     commander of the

dopamine-pump   human cocaine   crashing through veins

we share these  deeply wrapped  parts of the brain with lower

animals   going all the way back to fish


desire   the cry of a soul calling for attention  obliquely   but

obstinately   pursuing what it hungers for   like an iceberg

laying in wait   in the depths of the collective   power   mammon  

sex   world domination      a blind guide    commandeering the self


tests with rodents have confirmed much of this    who is with us?

who is against us?   kill what we fear   this week in  kinjia india

villagers dragged 5 women witches out of their homes +beat them

to death  with iron rods    50 people were arrested


Once the desire circuitry is lit up  it becomes more+more difficult to

find the off switch   until there isn’t one   amok abounds   a child sized

robot is left for dead in a philly gutter  leading to an outpouring of grief

while human children are not safe in yards  laneways   certain schools +

choirs     the earth means something different now





Summer 2015



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