"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



outside the inside    the familiar +wet   without warning   low tide

now into a series of houses   gimme the illusion of shelter    in a

607 page tome   a girl is born over+over again   on a february day

in 1910   lives through 2 wars   dies in the blitz    4 times or more


carnage in London   crawls across a sludgey baby   in bomb shelter

clothes blown off of bodies   ½ a woman hangs from rafters  in a

flowered dress   some physicists say reality is all in the mind   a self

scripted creation    are all acts of: promising   praying   marrying   self

performances?   if so what are the moral implications?


it is highly likely mathematically  that we perform this life repetitively

in a palimpsest of identity   in the book she suicides purposefully  in order

to be reborn +kill Adolph   remembering bits of former selves  in murky

déjà vu     what would you undo?


tonight there will be a Perseid meteor shower   a ladder will appear over

the hot-tub   you can escape the longslide   but you must go alone   today

a boy told me he’s writing a story about a man   who after a mishap   is

trapped in a spaceship  bound for Mars    it’s about lonliness


I ask: 1) was he lonely before he boarded the ship?   2) will that help him

with the long red days of Martian solitude?   He isn’t sure   He smiles+winks

+his freckles form a sentence:  Poet!   take the ladder



(it is a fact that depressed individuals are known to await the apocalypse in

a state of dead calm)

melancholia 2




Late Summer  2015

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